steel material

Wears gold watch TIPS  

 1. avoids contacting chemistry goods, like floats the clear water, the hand soap and so on.

  the 2.K gold material quality easily blows the flower because of the friction and the collision,Tips for jewellery should handle with care, and independent depositing.

  3. uses the non-abrasiveness cloth block elimination surface fingerprint and the stain, if scratches the silver cloth or scratches the eyeglasses cloth.

  4. although the big dial plate wrist watch is in vogue, but has one's eyes tested and wear glasses time the gold watch should have controls,
LED Tube Light
the female funds gold watch does not surpass 36mm, the male funds true thing gold watch take 35~40mm as suitable, the movement funds may be slightly big.

Although the yellow gold watch funds have honored and the warm visual effect, but also easily too curries favor with the world, experienced and the conservative impression for the human. The dial plate, the watch band entire gold design's table funds had been very already rare, to become more fashionable, not only the designers used externally in the gold watch many kinds of creative, have had both the unprecedented design, but also using cassette mechanism multi-purpose, entrusted with the gold watch new vigor.   Male funds gold watch

  Ascends happy road A-Centric the Pentagraph wrist watch, Pentagraph, represents “the continual five letters”, manifests on the dial plate is link set of indicator - - they which five unruly, are individualistic from inside to outside respectively is: Hand, minute,HTPC Keyboard
second hand, date indicator and time zone indicator. 18K gold polishing frosting watch case, 42 millimeter watch case diameters, 94,080 Yuan. Limits the quantity distributes 300.

  The Amy ingenuity series 1/5 second time stopwatch, disposes first Amy self-made cassette mechanism ML106, has the unique volume proportion, the big cassette mechanism (36.6mm) matches the rose gold big dial plate (45mm), of impressive appearance. Limits the quantity 250.   BVLGARI · BVLGARI series time stopwatch, golden color table circle, white dial plate as well as small dial plate's design neat succinct,Android TV Keyboard matches again by the brown alligator skin watch band, noble reveals (diameter 38mm) gracefully.

  Female funds gold watch   Loves other “the imperial oak tree” the series, it is high-level movement table important representative, promoted in 1972 time took watch case's characteristic by the stainless steel material. But after this, the yellow gold watch funds one after another are also promoted. The unique octagon watch case by the gold material manufacture, shows the table funds together with the diamond the precious value.

  Ascends happy road Citytamer, has the 18K rose gold and 18K the platinum watch case, the black chain ring-like card. 122,325 Yuan.  

 Hundred reach jade Li the Gondolo series new style female attire diamond wrist watch, the style derives the inspiration from “the decorative art”. the 18K rose gold or the platinum, mount 72 full surface circular top Wesselton diamond.


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