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 after 2003, the LED street light's demonstration plans in various countries like a raging fire launches, including countries and so on Holland, Britain, Canada, US and China all has the demonstration to plan launches, after 2007, various countries' demonstration plans the scale to be huger, the covering scope is also broader, following will also aim at several big demonstrations to plan makes the list introduction.

1. Philips in 2005 the Philips declaration installs the global first batch LED street light in Dutch Dutch town of Ede demonstration street light in Dutch Dutch town of Ede, these street light each optics module contains 18 white lights and yellow light LED (6 3W white light LED and 12 1W yellow light LED), will therefore enable the street light sends out soft or the bright optical fiber differently according to the season and the night time. In addition, the Philips LED street light in contains under 2 optics modules, LED Spot Lights
the illumination scope is 4 m, and in takeoffs in 8 m situations, to the ground brightness is 10 lux.

 2. British Lincoln the (Lincoln)LED street light illumination experiments the Britain Lincoln city to use the LED street light conception is comes from the LED traffic sign, this city after using the LED traffic sign every year has saved 30,000 US dollars,哮喘 thought that if will use the LED street light to save more expenses inevitably.

Therefore British Lincoln (Lincoln) reminds 745,000 US dollars junctions in 2006 to perform the LED street light experiment by Lincoln Electric System (LES), expected after using the LED street light may save 20% electrical bills. the 3.LED street light causes Canadian Toronto (Toronto) to be brighter, environmental protection this demonstration to plan the main purpose to save the electrical bill disbursement as well as to reduce the greenhouse gas the sending out. Toronto has 160,000 street lights,LED Flood Lights
if changes completely it the LED street light, then the estimate will save 600,000,000 US dollar electrical bill disbursements every year as well as reduces 18,000 ton greenhouse gas sending out, equates vanishes in the approximately 3,600 automobiles from the street.

the present Toronto only 12 LED street light located at Automotive Building, the manufacturer is Leotek Electronics, each cost approximately is 1,200 dollars. This plan in 2007 will continue, in view of the LED durability, the light characteristic and the resistance weather change and so on makes the test.

 4.LED blooming the plan name was ' City Lights Competition- New York', this plan most is earlier in New York street light's competition than 2004, New York is a new street light launch international design competition, finally won this plan the photo source technology is LED, several years will aim at the LED photo source and the module technology next carry on the research and development;

The LED photo source aspect, unifies the LED high luminous flux, the light shape design and thin carries on the improvement, and seeks solves the LED radiation problem; The LED module aspect, increases LED because of the conformity high luminance LED technology in the illumination domain application, in addition reduces the light because of optics module design to fade the question.LED Ceiling Lights
At present this plan continues to carry on, New York expected that in can see in recent years the brand-new LED street light comes out.

north the 5. US state's Raleigh and Cree hand in hand, make first LED City north the US state's Raleigh and Cree hand in hand, began from the public parking lot, to make first LED City, the resident the illumination quality which presented regarding LED,Patch Panel Manufacturer
the view hastens frontage, the approval approximately has promoted 3 times.

Declared into the American first LED city under the prospect, Raleigh and Cree will continue to cooperate hand in hand, in future 18 months, will be the street light, the sidewalk illumination, the construction illumination and other each kind of LED may in the application scope, making will be worthy of the reputation LED City, the festival source which and the environmental protection achievement establish pattern will have the line, will lead other urban keeping up.


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