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The small and medium-sized enterprise expands produces it to be puzzled At present, the seal enterprise's situation is awkward, on the one hand they must deal with the product price falling pressure, the profit booth is thin. According to the senior engineer LED statistics, majority of LED the seal enterprise's average gross profit concentrates about 10%. On the other hand,LED lights manufacturer
the seal also needs to face Chinese Taiwan LED to seal giants' impact, the crevice seeks livehood. Taiwan giant seals enterprise's earning to surpass 1,000,000,000 Yuan equally, and all fell to the ground the mainland.

in 2010 Chinese LED seal output value 27,000,000,000 Yuan, but the majority of cities occupy for the foreign enterprises especially Taiwan business control. Facing the difficult position, the partial enterprises may draw support from the capital the strength to carry on the growth, and carries out the conformity. since 2010, the country star electro-optic, the Leiman electro-optic, the great wild goose advantage electro-optic, the Swiss abundant electro-optic have made a connection with the financing channel one after another, wooden Lin Sen also crossed the meeting.

But does not have the capital background small and medium-sized enterprise, their outlet in where? “the product price drops, if beyond control the cost, the enterprise will be hard to start,” Zhang Hongbiao pointed out that the formalization will reduce the cost largely, whether to expand produces into the small seal enterprise's difficult choice.

But simultaneously,dvb t tuners
the fund class is a small and medium-sized enterprise noticeable big difficult problem, once expands produces, in the state finance tightens repeatedly in the situation, the small and medium-sized enterprise fund chain will face the huge pressure and the challenge once more inevitably.

From last year to this year, “crazy” is the LED profession pronoun nearly. Is following the consumer demand release, huddles together the capital, blots out the sky the advertisement, the galloping-horse lantern resemble change job also become this profession most dominant footnote. The LED profession is being in the Warring States dispute's time.

In the such impetuous environment, each LED enterprise more or less is experiencing the worry which grows. Is growing fast the seal enterprise has encountered such bottleneck: The industrial fast expansion actually meets the market price war, the seal product price continues to slide. Facing this kind of aspect, whether to expand becomes suspends in front of the small and medium-sized enterprise a difficult problem. The fast expansion lays down the shadow in 2010 the Chinese LED middle reaches seal industry output value has reached 27,000,000,000 Renminbi.

The LED price range of fall huge influence, in 2011 China's LED seal output value will reach 35,000,000,000, 2012 this data grows the force to 55,000,000,000, the reason will be next year whole world illumination market development will be more objective,dvb t mpeg4
and the overseas big enterprise's seal industry will speed up toward the China shift.

But the so attractive achievement could also not cover the domestic LED seal profession small and the scattered embarrassing situation, the data demonstrated that the native place probably had more than 1000 LED seal enterprise, year earning 100,000,000 Yuan above only more than 40, the majority of enterprise earning was only thousands of Yuan ranks.

“in the gross profit somewhat low situation, the formalization is seals the enterprise survival the basis, the seal is only a LED middle working process,dvb-t receivers only then the formalization can fall to lowly the production cost, only then has the possibility to fall the profit maximization.”

Senior engineer LED industry research institute inspector general Zhang Hongbiao so expressed. The industrial fast expansion brings the price downward risk, the professional pointed out that raw material rise in price, but the seal product price actually has been dropping, the domestic seal enterprise is entering into the low price homogenization the Red Sea.


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