large vessels

This method of material is crushed into powder, the melt and flow in thermal cycle. Rotational molding using two types of PE: general and crosslinking. General purpose grade MDPE / HDPE often density range from 0.935 to 0.945g / CC, MWD has narrow, so that products with high impact resistance and minimum warpage, melt index range is generally 3 - 8. Higher MI grade usually does not apply, because they do not have the rotomolding products hope impact resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance.

High performance rotomolding applications lines using chemical cross-linking of the unique properties of grade. These grades in the first section of the molding cycle, poly bag supplier
good fluidity, and then crosslinked to form its excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, toughness. Wear resistance and weatherability of. Crosslinked PE only applies to large vessels, ranging from 500gal transport a variety of chemical storage tanks to 20000gal agricultural storage box.

The film: PE film processing for general ordinary film blowing processing or extruding processing method. Most of the PE for the film, universal low density PE ( LDPE ) or linear low density PE ( LLDPE ) are available. HDPE film grade general for superior stretchability and an excellent barrier. For example, HDPE film used for merchandise bags, bags of groceries and food packaging.

Product performance

High density polyethylene non-toxic, tasteless, odorless white particles, the melting point of about 130 DEG C, the relative density of 0.941 ~ 0.960. It has good resistance to heat and cold resistance,make plastic bag good chemical stability, but also has a high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength. Dielectric properties, resistance to environmental stress cracking is good.

The melting temperatures of 220 to 260 DEG c.. For larger molecules material, suggest that melting temperature range from 200 to 250 DEG C.


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rush arisen

Jacket is the human clothing history's greatest invention

Origin: Liberty Leading the trend

In 1789, when the Paris nearby workers shouted slogans for freedom to go into Paris to go forward with great strength and vigour, who wear the luxurious and bloated aristocrats and monks started the guns of the revolution of the time, they will not have any one can think of, they and when the tradition be misfits work clothes in a short period of time and in the the popular.

People like abandoned feudal hierarchy as abandoned the wide, Mannerism, bloated, extravagant costumes, replace sb. In the workers work clothes developed on the basis of concise, practical, smooth, to close the body of the new clothing. varicose veins tipsThis kind of shirt waist relaxed, hem and the waist, comfort, practicality strong functional characteristics are also adapted to the bourgeois day-to-day production activities in need. Since then and advocating freedom, equality, fraternity of the emerging bourgeois ideas together, jacket throughout continental Europe caught on, and leading to new power, to civilians under the wearing habits, and along with the further development of capitalist production relations to this habit in the pursuit of free people's mind and reinforced.

Development: to create inspire dreams

From Kolumb discovered the continent of America, the new world has been a dream and synonymous with success. When the jacket fashion blow to this land, this land is at a major national fusion in change period, all kinds of culture is a blend of the phase derivative. Because the feudalism basis is relatively weak, in after gaining independence capitalist got swift and violent development, a large number of immigrants into, freedom and creation becomes the theme of the era, and jackets in this country quickly gained popularity, especially in the United States of America dream is called gold rush arisen later, jackets and jeans become the era dream the fixed image.

During this period the jacket compared with the previous more humanized improvement, fabrics to wear leather, Ma as the mainstream, cutting more fit, the collar open, decorate concise, have the rudiment of modern jacket. Until now we have in the United States western movie see, dressed in a jJia Ke su of the cowboys on horseback galloping on the vast grasslands. It is no exaggeration to say that, in this period the jacket and jeans, it is hard to achieve the American dream image representation.


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love pass

1, the United States of America: in 1980 years, the diamond traders began to make jewelry for Valentine's Day promotions, making Valentine's Day gift to the type of chocolate and flowers two major categories, more jewelry in this category.

In 2, the Australian / Korea / Hong Kong and Taiwan:" you are my other half", natural purple shell is still a Valentine's day theme. Later, in many countries, the purple shell be fabricated out of various versions of the story, Valentine's day in China and Korea, purple shell to mainland pop. Taiwan Drama" lovers" Puerto Galera is a romantic legend of the witness, Qiong Yao's" purple shell" and the mainland version of seashell legend is a romantic vision of love.

In 3, China: China has thousands of years of traditional culture, often in ancient send a comb or a paper fan to the interpretation of romantic love. Combs on behalf of Acacia, you miss you; comb represents love, first concentric, to comb for the ceremony, and send the comb has married, and you said of a couple. Today, many places have July 7th send comb customs; family travel, hair is not. The old woman married the former family for its preparation send comb and comb the custom, the so-called " a comb in the end, two years three hair comb, comb the house full of children and grandchildren", including the family hope relative smooth the good wishes of peace, also has the love pass; send the comb hair every day, also represents him the close of you; comb also represents the healthy, happy! Swept away the worries over, the open heart guitar. Hair will give people the spirit, give people confidence; send comb represents life have to struggle to the old yo, is also the first point, because the comb is a woman life will be personal items, can send comb should be more intimate.

Since the reform and opening up, by the wind, Korean and other effects, Valentine's Day gift also become diversified. Flowers, chocolates, gold and silver jewelry, couple the hand rope and some personalized gifts have become the mainstream choice for Valentine's day gifts!


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Champagne rose, Bulgarian National flower. Representative flower: fall in love with you is my biggest happiness in my life, you are my sweetest pain, and with you are my pride, I do not you like a lost ship routes. The moral is: I just love you a. The white rose is not white, it 's formal name" champagne rose", looks sweet, soft cream. The owner said, this is the light champagne color. Compared with pure white roses, champagne rose a more elegant and calm. In addition to marry man holding champagne rose to the woman's mean: I to you. Champagne rose also have edible value.

Champagne rose edible value

Edible rose rose rose, native to China, leaves erect shrubs. At present, China not only widely cultivated, Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States also has a large number of cultivation. In Bulgaria, the rose has also been regarded as a national flower, symbol of diligence and wisdom.

Rose, long flowering period, from late May to July, 6, continuously open, bright flowers, purple flower, also have pink and white. Rose, pleasant aroma, sweet and strong. Is the manufacturing of rose oil raw materials. The rose oil in wide use, high value, is said to use two drops can kg good perfume, rose oil is more expensive than gold, because of refining 1 kilogram of rose oil, rose to 3 tons, equivalent to 300 of the Wan Duo rose, 1.5 hectare produces 2000 kilograms of rose oil. Rose petal is edible, and food made of rose grain cake, sweet and delicious, is the method in rose petals in early puberty,Valentine's Day in the early morning to pick, the petals gently, stratification and sugar on the wide mouth bottle or jar, and be stamped with the seal, do not leak, when the sugar absorption petals in water melts later, edible.

Rose also smoked tea, brewed into the immersion of rose wine, used to do the sachet and pendant is also very affordable. Home from abroad new round open flower varieties, have sweet smell. At present domestic rose varieties. Previous rose is a Ji Hua, this is the four seasons fragrance rose. Rose can draw essence, rose oil, production rose tea, rose dew, rose sauce.


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paper products

Tissue paper and tissue paper on quality difference

Tissue paper and tissue paper in the quality of the main difference lies in : tissues has a generally wet toughness strength ( a representative paper in the complete wetting state toughness index ). Toilet paper is generally not allowed to have a wet toughness,Toilet Facial Paper Suppliers to prevent the use of paper is difficult to decompose and plug the health of septic tank.

Interpretation of selected 8 indicators of health paper

1 appearance

A look at the outer package, selection of toilet paper should first check the packaging. Product packaging should be tidy and firm, without breakage phenomenon; the packaging should be printed with the name of factory, date of production, product grade ( superior products, first-class, qualified products), using the standard number, implementation of the health standard ( GB20810 - 2006 ) and other information. Two see the appearance of paper, paper surface should be clean, not due and apparent death, incomplete, damaged, pleated hard block, grass, paper pulp reinforced regiment, disease and impurity, the paper use does not have serious hair loss, powder-dropping phenomena, the paper does not contain residual printing ink.

2 quantitative

Refers to a component or a number is enough, according to the relevant provisions, general is the net content of 50 to 100 grams of commodity, its negative deviation of not more than 4.5 grams; 200 to 300 grams of commodity, must not exceed 9 grams.

printing company

3 white

Toilet paper is not the Bai Yue good, there may be added to an excess of fluorescent bleaching agent. Fluorescent agent is the cause of women dermatitis is main reason, long-term use may also be carcinogenic. How to discern whether the fluorescent bleaching agent overdose? First visible to the unaided eye should be natural ivory, or toilet paper in the ultraviolet light (such as a currency count machine ) irradiation,Varicose Veins if appear blue fluorescence, was shown to contain a fluorescent agent. And the brightness is too low will not influence the use of toilet paper, but illustrate the use of the raw material is poor, so try not to choose these products.

The 4 absorbent

Can be in water above absorption speed, the faster the better water absorption.

The 5 transverse tensile index

Is paper toughness, use is easy to break. Pure wood pulp as the fiber length, the pulling force is big, good toughness, not easily broken.

6 softness

This is the toilet paper products is an important indicator, toilet paper should give a good soft and comfortable feel. Effect of softness of tissue paper toilet paper mainly due to the fiber material, wrinkling process. In general cotton is better than wood pulp,Office Furniture Manufacturer wood pulp is better than wheat straw, softness exceed the standard use of them feel rough toilet paper.

7 holes

Holes indicators are on the wrinkle toilet paper on holes limit the number of requests, holes will affect the use of paper, too many holes in the crepe toilet paper is not only the appearance of poor, is also easily damaged in use, impact cleaning effect.

8 dust of

Popular point that is not much more than paper dust. If the raw material is wood pulp, ink is no problem. But if recycled paper as raw materials, and the process is not appropriate, dirt is difficult to reach.


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